Fabulous Fibre

We all like to stay healthy and happy, inside and out. Did you know that fibre is an essential nutrient that can help you to do just that?

Fibre speeds up the passage of food through the digestive system, helping the body absorb what it needs and getting rid of what it doesn’t. It has all sorts of fabulous digestive benefits and having good digestive health and regular digestive transit can help you to feel more energised.

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What is fibre, why is it so fabulous,
and how can you get more of it in your diet?

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The importance of fibre

The importance of fibre

Although not absorbed, fibre is an essential nutrient for the body. Nine out of ten women eat less fibre than is recommended for good health.

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My digestive health

My digestiveHealth

Most of us know very little about how digestion works. Find out ways to keep your digestive system happy.

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Understanding more about bloating

Understanding more aboutbloating

More than 40% of the population suffer from bloating regularly.

Kellogg Report, 2010, Taylor Nelson & Sofres (TNS) Research International; London; UK, 2010.

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